Small Angle Scattering Bibliography


The following references do not attempt to be a comprehensive list for every possible application of SAS, rather they are a collection of general articles, reviews and reference works that SAS practitioners (beginning and established!) may find useful. Suggestions for additional entries are welcome, particularly since several of these references are a little dated now! Please send your suggestions to When doing so, please format your additions in a similar manner to those below before submission, and if possible include some 'guidance text' to help other visitors.


Unpublished Documents


Journal Papers

 Fibre Diffraction Review (previously The CCP13 Newsletter, discontinued. ISSN 1463-8401)

Proceedings of the International Conferences on Small-Angle Scattering





Introduction to Small-Angle Neutron Scattering. King, S.M. ISIS (1995)  -  Web Article

Probing Nanoscale Structures: The SANS Toolbox. Hammouda, B. NIST (2008)  -  PDF

ILL Computing Guide for SANS. Ghosh, R.E. Egelhaaf, S.U. & Rennie, A.R. (2012)  -  PDF



X-ray Scattering

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Structure analysis by small-angle X-ray and neutron scattering. Feigin, L.A. & Svergun, D.I. Plenum Press. New York. 335 pp. (1987)  -  PDF


Neutron Scattering

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Experimental Considerations

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Data Treatment

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Studying Biomolecules

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Structural Investigations of Protein–Lipid Complexes Using Neutron Scattering. Clifton, L.A. et al. Chapter 11 in Lipid-Protein Interactions: Methods and Protocols. Methods in Molecular Biology, Volume 2003, Kleinschmidt, J.H. (editor). Springer Nature. (2019). - {Covers SANS and NR}


Studying Colloids

Small Angle Neutron Scattering. Ottewill, R.H. In Colloidal Dispersions. Goodwin, J.W. (editor). Special Publication No. 43. Royal Society of Chemistry. (1982).  -  {A short, eminently readable, introductory account of how SANS may be used to study colloidal dispersions. Also see the later chapter on concentrated dispersions by the same author.}

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Studying Polymers

Polymers and Neutron Scattering. Higgins, J.S. & Benoit, H.C. Oxford Series on Neutron Scattering in Condensed Matter, Volume 8. Clarendon Press. (1994).  -  {A comprehensive text covering all aspects of neutron scattering from polymers. Highly recommended}

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Small-angle Neutron Scattering. King, S.M. In Modern Techniques for Polymer Characterisation. Chapter 7. Pethrick, R.A. & Dawkins, J.V. (editors). Wiley. (1999).  -  {A 'how to' guide to conducting and analysing SANS experiments on polymeric systems, but which is sufficiently generic for more widespread application. Highly recommended}


Studying Metals

G. Kostorz in Physical Metallurgy (eds. R.W.Cahn & P.Haasen). North Holland, Amsterdam (1996).  -  {Metallurgical studies using SAS}




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Experimental Considerations

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Data Treatment

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Studying Colloids

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Studying Biomolecules

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Studying Polymers

Recent Developments in Polymer Applications of Small Angle Neutron, X‑ray and Light Scattering. Higgins, J.S. & Stein, R.S. J. Appl. Cryst. 11, 346 (1978).  -  {A little dated now, but still a useful review with 272 references}

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Studying Food

Neutron techniques for food hydrocolloidsGilbert, E.P. Cur. Opin. in Coll. Int. Sci. 67, 101730 (2023).  -  {SANS and beyond with 76 references}


Studying Magnetism

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