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Postdoctoral position: Small Angle X-ray Scattering for the development of microstructurally optimized carbons for next generation batteries

(Posted 29/05/17)

Description of the institution:
CIC energiGUNE (CICe) is a young energy research centre (inaugurated in June 2011) with headquarters in the Basque Country (Spain), whose mission is to do an excellence-oriented research as well as the transfer of technology to industry. CICe has a dynamic research team of more than 70 researchers, is extremely well equipped with a wide range of up-to-date facilities that are fully available for all its researchers, within which a number allow performing in situ characterizations during battery operation.

Overall, the XRD platform that the candidate will join gathers talented people having expertise in crystal chemistry, synthesis and electrochemistry to analyze the role of structure and microstructure on the performance of energy storage materials.

Project description:
The aim of this project is to develop new hard carbon materials to be used in Li-ion and Na-ion batteries, designed from the point of view of their microstructure and with performance beyond current state of the art. To do so, ex-situ and in-situ Small Angle X-ray Scattering will be used to access unprecedented understanding on the charge storage mechanism of hard carbons and its correlation with the microstructure so that the critical microstructural parameters are identified and targeted in the synthesis of advanced carbons for batteries.

The position is expected to start during the first half of 2018 and will have a duration of 2 years. The candidate will be hired only if a MSCA Individual Fellowship is granted. Successful candidates will be hosted at CIC Energigune during the fellowship.

For more detail on CIC’s research activities please visit our webpage:

Candidate profile:
• Strong experience in Small Angle Scattering (SAXS or SANS).
• Experience in solid state chemistry or physics will be highly valued.
• Additional experience in electrochemistry or complementary morphology/structure analysis techniques is beneficial but not compulsory.

Scientists in charge:
Montse Casas Cabanas –
Damien Saurel –

How to apply:
To apply please send your CV, a summary of you research interests and a cover letter to & before 15th June 2017. Candidates must also provide the names and email address of at least 2 referees.